Sunday, July 20, 2008

What Is Wrong With Kids Today?

Fire on Newel. Bright spot on left is the truck on fire. Fire truck lights to the right. You can see plume of smoke in top photo.

First the warning, don't walk down there, there's a fire. Just barely visible, I hadn't even noticed right away. The warner's phone was failing her, and her apartment was right there, so I made the call to 911. Fire on Newel, between Nassau and Norman. It's visible, believe me you don't need an address. Ohmigod....(As something explodes, and the fire engulfs the truck.)

My dog was with me. So left him tied to a railing. Ran up for closer inspection. A red truck, and underneath, a mattress on fire. Quickly gaining. In another second, and internal explosions could be heard, grey smoke plumed like a factory smokestack.

I ran up to one building, rang the bells, pounded on doors. Eventually I remembered I had a voice and timidly at first, yelling fire, I woke the slumbering neighbors, now in their barest sleeping clothes. That's what you do, you yell fire. But I'd almost forgotten.

I wanted to watch and see, would anything else happen. But I had the dog, and his safety was a concern, but only because someone else and their dog thought of it first. I hurried home with smoke in my lungs and clinging to my hair. All along wondering, The fuck is wrong with kids today?

This is Kate Bryant, reporting live from Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


Patrick Bower said...

Holy moses! Yer a hero!

kate said...

Just the same as what anyone else woulda done....