Monday, March 31, 2008

Local Yokel

Name: Kate Bryant

Occupation: Copywriter

Relationship status: Left blank intentionally

Neighborhood/Borough: Greenpoint

Why you moved to NYC: It was love at first sight.

What you love about your nabe?
I can have pierogis for breakfast, authentic tacos for lunch, and a pretty decent pad see ew all in one day. Also, the scenery ain't too shabby. And all my friends are here.

Favorite restaurant:
Dumont Burger, the taco joint on Grand (dunno name), Snacky for their kimchee hotdogs

Favorite grocer:
Proud member of the greenpoint/williamsburg CSA. Also, Arlo is a fan of the $1.50 lamb bones at McCarren farmer's market.

Favorite local designer:
Toss up b/t Mociun & Sunshine and Shadow. Oh, and Devotte.

Favorite NY band: Free Blood, The World Without Magic

Favorite corner to people watch:
N6 and Bedford. Sitting on the bench in front of NY Muffin in the afternoon sun. (Summertime where are you?!)

Signature karaoke song: Dancing in the Dark

Sorry for the shameless self-promotion, but my two would-be respondents have yet to return their questionnaires!


Don Gochenour said...

I love that you chose you!

jeffk said...

That's kind of a kick-ass version of that song. Bruce is my hero. (Hey Kate!)