Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Weekly Local Yokel

Name: Ryan Sovereign

Occupation: Designer

Relationship status: Single

Neighborhood/Borough: Willamsburg

What brought you to NYC?
Some college friends had an extra room in their loft/garage.

What you love about your nabe?
I can buy anything I want on the sidewalk, the girls all wear boots and have bangs, I can eat at a different Thai restaurant everyday of the week, and of course the morning commute on the L train!

Favorite restaurant:
I've never been to Marlow & Sons and not said, "This is the best thing I've ever had! Even dessert. But that's probably no surprise. There's also something special about a hanger steak and a beer at Radegast on a Sunday night.

Favorite grocer:
None, but Topps on the Waterfront has a walk in cooler and cheap 12 packs of Schaffer. Both Great in the middle of summer.

Favorite local designer:
Octopi! Anyone who can make yellow faux fur hot has to be #1 in my book.

Favorite NYC band:
Cheeseburger. They never cease to amaze live and the drummer is hot as hell.

Favorite corner to people watch:
N12 and Bedford. Turkey's Nest drunks, tennis players and cute dogs in the park! All at once.

Signature karaoke song
Rock Lobster? I do a killer Fred Schneider and duets/crowd participation songs are always best! Especially when you get to make sea animal sounds. ooo-wwaaaaahhh

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