Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Local Yokel

(Editor's note: on Patrick's suggestion, we attempted to cram as many iconic Williamsburg-specific markers into one picture as possible. Can you spot all six?)

Name: Patrick Bower

Occupation: Copywriter, rocker

Relationship status: In one

Neighborhood/Borough: Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Why you moved to NYC:
Indiana, though admirably flat and gray, was also dull and lifeless.

What you love about your nabe:
I'm spoiled. Since all my friends pretty much live in the 'burg, I feel like I'm still in college. And since I work from home, I get to experience the tranquility of McCarren Park on Tuesday afternoon. I recently spotted a Red Tailed Hawk there. I'm also two blocks from a great video store, with the foreign section arranged by country. (Videology).

Favorite restaurant:
I'm always at Taco Chulo on Grand and Havermeyer. Two words: Cucumber Margerita.

Favorite grocer:
Marlowe & Sons has a great little shop during the day. It's the best place to get condiments from Istanbul.

Favorite local designer:
My friend Vera. You can find her jewelry at Catbird locations on Metropolitan Avenue or Bedford Avenue.

Favorite NY band: Jon Wiley.

Favorite corner to people watch:
I like the coffee kiosk on 1st and 1st. The coffee is really strong, and you can sit outside almost all year 'round.

Signature karaoke song: Ashes to Ashes: David Bowie.

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