Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Photo Op and Op and Op and Op and Pizza Party

Give a drunk girl a camera and even hands slick with truffle oil can't stop the madness. Why did I take so many pictures? I don't know. (That set is such a tiny fraction of the photos I took. Tiny.)

Except there was booze involved. Ample ample ample.

Last night was the second ever Gothamist/SliceNY pizza party held at Fornino in Williamsburg. Home to Michael Ayoub's much salivated over Tartufo pie laced with crack, I mean black winter truffles, fontina, ricotta, buffalo mozzarella, olive oil, and crack.

In addition, he generously adorned spoonfuls of white truffle cream with black truffle shavings and a drizzling of white truffle oil. Viva la decadence!

Ayoub also presented an encore of his mozzarella demonstration. Then served the subtly sweet and tender morsels with a plate of red Hawaiian sea salt.

A round of house-made gelato completed the debauchery.


Kelly said...

i got a caper down my shirt!

arobotar said...

hi! i was the fellow sitting down who asked you if you were photographing for a blog. my name is tristan. somehow i remembered the name of your blog despite the drunken haze.

kate said...

arobotar: thanks for visiting, i'm totally impressed by your powers of memory!