Friday, July 10, 2009


I can be kind of a buzz kill. I'm the girl at the party I who can turn even the most mundane discussion or activity into a political issue:

Oh, you're using that lip balm, don't you know it can give you cancer? Yeah, that engagement ring is rather big and shiny, but was that diamond ethically sourced? You're still drinking water out of plastic, et el ad nauseum.

So henceforth, I'm
going to make it even MORE political and start keeping track of all the evil perpetrators I feel are unfit to deserve our patronage.

Richard Hayne-owned stores: Urban Outfitter
s, Free People, Anthropologie. (Supported Prop 8 which discriminates against same-sex marriage.)

Petrolatum: Banned by the UK in 2004 because linked to breast cancer, still used in American-made beauty products, especially lip balm. (Burt's, btw, still uses only seed oils and wax.) Damn you Kiehl's!

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